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A Kiss To Dried Lips

Episode seven

That Saturday night at Frank’s place, Isabelle was seated close to the reading table, engrossed in a book. Frank was deep into his sleep, his snores were gentle enough. Isabelle took turns to stare at him as he slept behind her, his bare chest heaved up and down as he breathed. Isabelle had random thoughts running through her mind, these thoughts equally sent some sensations round her body but she always recollected herself. Like flashes, several tender moments of the past returned. She loved the boy that Frank proved to be but it equally bothered her that she hadn’t done much to compensate all he has put in for her.

Several thousands of notes for her needs, patient about her choices and a whole lot of tolerance. On her part, she’d refused him the one way which he wanted to consummate their love for each other. Anna once reminded her that she was an ingrate and she had started to see reasons to prove herself one.

The peak of their intimacy was mere smooching and Isabelle always felt guilty after each encounter. There at the moment, she recalled the very last, Frank had fondled her ample bossoms, the sensation was pleasurable but she stopped it afterall. Just as mother preached, “flee from sexual impurities.” These phrases are a hurtful reminder, they hit her memory like the nail pierces soft wood. She never forgot those and she never forgot not to fall into the act.

Frank on his part craved her more, just before he went into that sleep, he had grabbed her from behind and tried to unzip her. She flared up and pushed him away. That was unlike her to do. Previous approaches to turn Frank down were friendly and polite but today’s was harsh and insolent. She’d wondered the reason for her outburst and it could only be related to her recent suspicions about Frank. The picture she’d seen; the cigarretes, the tattoos, the friends on dreadlocks too. All that were s bad orientation. If Frank was truly an Engineer as he claimed, such scenarios wouldn’t capture a shadow of him.

“What’s the worry?” Frank was awake then and his deep voice brought her back to the moment.

“Nothing.” She replied sharply and readjusted to fix her eyes on the book.

“You’ve been on this chapter for a while”

“Well yea, I’m taking my time”

Frank was so close behind her then, his breaths gave whistling sounds. He bent towards her and kissed her neck, he reached her buttons and slid his hand towards her abdomen.

“You should carry my baby you know”

“Yea” she replied amidst little moans. Her eyes closed tightly.

A kiss to dried lips episode 8
A kiss to dried lips episode 6
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