A kiss to dried lips episode 3

A kiss to dried lips episode 4
A kiss to dried lips episode 2

*A Kiss To Dried Lips*

*Episode Three*

Isabelle continued to reminisced the act of the previous night at Frank’s apartment. Thoughts of it sent cold chills down her spine and gave her a kind of feeling below. She recollected and muttered a short prayer. After a while, she picked her phone to text him.

‘I want to come over’ within a few seconds, the message ticked blue and Frank started to type. Isabelle’s heart hung between her chest, as if detached from it’s support. She placed the phone down and patiently waited to get a beep of notification. She’d known Frank for quite a long time but the way she felt about him hadn’t changed from the first day they met. It was far back in her post secondary school years. Over half a decade years now.

‘Yessss’ it popped on her screen before she opened her WhatsApp. She calmed from the tension. She got up and grabbed her jean skirt and tucked her shirt into it. She packed her full black hair into a large bun. She was a typical naturalista and had winced of pains from combing thick hair. She matted her lips and spread the red lipstick on her full lips. One final stare at the mirror, she grabbed her bag and stormed out. A whole lot of questions on her mind and Frank has to do the clarifications. She flagged down a shuttle heading towards the Ajedeyo street where Frank lived all alone in a two bedroom apartment.

She tapped lightly on the door, then harder. Frank welcomed her in open arms when he opened the metal door of the entrance. They embraced each other at the door, then locked it behind them. Frank was dressed in his blue jersey when she entered. He’d just returned for his evening basketball training. He was jogging home when he got Isabelle’s request to come over. He’d carefully explained to isabelle who looked like something bothered her.

“What’s the face?, you don’t have the usual smile I love to see” Frank smiled as he handed her a glass of water.

“Was it stressful at school, or is it?” he asked and gestured towards her lower abdomen.

“Oh please” she was a bit embarrassed.
She turned her face away and dropped the glass on the stool beside the bed. The small sized bed was covered in plain red sheets, two pillows rested close to each other at the opposite end of where Isabelle sat. Frank knew something was up her sleeves and it worried him too. He pushed the stool aside and sat close to her, he hung his arms over her shoulder and brought his face very close to get temple. Isabelle could feel his heavy breath brush her shoulder, she skipped a heartbeat. She reached out for her phone and slid it open, she quickly scanned through her photos and found a particular image which she held out to show Frank.
He backed out of the embrace, the picture had taken him aback and he was utterly shocked.

“How did you dig this up?” Frank stuttered.

“Anna did” she demonstrated by shaking her head sideways.

“This is my past baby, trust me” he was kneeling before her in sober now. The once agitated Isabelle felt mellowed by his very acts. She raised his dropped head and felt the wetness. Frank had shed some tears and it disturbed her to see him cry. She rubbed his face with both palms and urged him to smile. After much persuasion, he let out a thin smile. Isabelle felt relieved again and assured him that she felt better. Frank took the phone and deleted the particular photo which had stirred this disturbance between them.
Frank couldn’t risk letting Isabelle know he was a fraudster.


A kiss to dried lips episode 4
A kiss to dried lips episode 2
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