A kiss to dried lips episode 2

A kiss to dried lips episode 3
A kiss to dried lips episode 1

*A Kiss To Dried Lips*

*Episode Two*

“Babe I get gist for you” Anna rolled her eyes as she tapped Isabelle repeatedly. Isabelle was busy with something on her phone and pretended not to have noticed Anna’s presence. Her encounter with Frank was still fresh in her memory, but it was what she had to submerge within herself.

“Isabelle, no be you I dey tell something” she’d called her name in full now and that rarely happens.

Isabelle knew that whatever it was must have itched her throat enough to blurt out. Anna was a chatterbox and everyone knew how smart she was at cooking stories. She’d once spread news that a particular student slept around with animals. The news shocked everyone including the accused. As such, Isabelle had taken great care at revealing things to her as a friend.

“Sorry o, I was checking something online. What’s it about?” she feigned apologetic and turned towards her.

After much hesitation by Anna who felt discouraged by Isabelle’s reaction, she got closer and stretched her phone towards her friend.
Isabelle was in total shock to see what it was on display. She snatched the phone from her and stood abruptly. She starred intently at the image as if the sitting position denied her some details about the photo.

“That is how I saw it too” Anna said, a bit remorseful.

“You do not see it the way I do” Isabelle held her palm over her agape mouth now. A ring out of the popular _Jo soapy_ beats from her phone startled her to the present. She quickly rummaged her bag for the phone which ascended in tone as she searched. She’d thrown out her handouts and phone charger before she got hold of the phone.
Abuchi was the caller and she was surprised to see him call at such odd hour.

“What is it now?” she asked agitatedly.

“Sister! Uncle Ifebunna just got ill.” Abuchi’s voice was low and deep.

Who’s Uncle Ifebuna, anyway? This is a man you would never wish to know.

“Let him find help ni” Isabelle said and ended the call without waiting for further details.

Turning to Anna, their eyes locked. She’d watched her all the while the drama ensued. Anna knew much about Isabelle and the difficulty she faced at school coupled with pressing issues from her home. A part of her was pitiful for such predicament on a pretty dark girl but she was wholly against her indifference towards Frank.
Several times, she had deviced means to instigate Isabelle to take an action towards her no sexual intimacy decision.

“Who doesn’t have sex these days” she thought and hissed aloud, oblivious of Isabelle who had gotten very close to where she was seated.

“What is it this time?” Isabelle asked.
“Nothing o, just girl thoughts” she smirked.
The two ladies sat quietly for about twenty minutes in silence. The lecture ended over an hour ago but they’d always stayed back to do their private studies before returning to their hostels. They lived a pole distance from each other but Anna stayed in Isabelle’s room most days.
Anna was not lost in deep thoughts the way Isabelle ruminated on what she just saw which had become aggravated by the news from Abuchi.
Anna cut her from the reverie and beckoned on her to gather her things. They headed towards their hostels and parted at the Dogoyaro tree that stood between the both buildings.
Isabelle had taken a lot of decisions while they walked home and she hoped their effects wouldn’t affect the people she cared about.


A kiss to dried lips episode 3
A kiss to dried lips episode 1
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