A kiss to dried lips episode 1

A kiss to dried lips episode 2

*A Kiss To Dried Lips*

*Episode One*

_When a tender heart nudges against an intense pressure, it’s bound to wreck into pieces. But if its speck stands again, it pops doom to every path it trends._

That evening was particularly wet and cold. The drizzling fog was docking gently to its shell, revealing a dense of frigidity that cuddled the city of Awka. Somewhere at Ifite, the weather, indeed, promised a moment of hide and seek games of love; wherein, if it were to be in the days of King Solomon, lovers could go about interlocking their bodies in a warmth aglow of fleshly desires.

But, Frank dared not to make such advances on his lover, especially as he knew it would ultimately utter their ecstatic mood. He could only do nothing but lick his lips while he lay, staring lustfully at her succulent lips.

“Babe! You know I love you, don’t you?” Frank blurted in a seductive tone with several wrinkles of lust, crowding his anxious face.

Without waiting for her reply, he leaned forward and slammed his left arm over her shoulders, while allowing his thigh to squeeze intimately against her smooth skin. Shyly, she looked away and blinked repeatedly. She gradually rolled forth her head and rested it on his hairy chest. Frank’s heartbeat took a hasty pace as some sensational feelings banged against his rib cage.

Eyes locked in awe, cheeks spread in alluring smiles, unveiling sets of sparkling white detention from each lovers’ mouths, Frank cuddled her in his arms. The romantic atmosphere was electrifying, laced with the temptation to strip each other naked and dive into oceans of passionate lovemaking.
Frank knew better than to venture into such a forbidden area. She had rather commit suicide than allow him lure her into a ‘sin of the flesh’. She shifted slightly in his arms.

“You know this can’t happen, Frank, don’t you?”

Frank leaned closer and caught her left hand. “I know sweetheart but-”

“No buts today” She quickly cut him off, sliding her hand away. “We mustn’t go over this again dear. This isn’t what we should keep talking each time I come visiting, huh.”

Frank stared beggarly into her eyes. “Well, I think you should also consider my own feelings,” he whooped.

“I thought we’re done with this conversation, Frank? Do we start over again?” This has been Isabelle’s defensive mechanism. She knew if she should continue to play along, things may get beyond her control.

“I think I should get going, the rain has stopped,” she announced, flinging her hand bag over her shoulder. Frank gasped, and quickly withdrew himself hopelessly to the bed.

Isabelle grabbed the mood, but spending the night in Frank’s house wasn’t what she was prepared for. And this would be quite unavoidable if she waited any further. She could read the silly looks on Frank’s charming face but that could equally be handled.

Indeed, Frank was a handsome bloke. His twenty-seven year old lanky body fitted perfectly into the blue T-shirt he had on. Scantily bearded, with a moderate body build. Frank’s attractive features flocked ladies around him, but he had chosen to love and cherish Isabelle. Their relationship was over five years old and he had always respected Isabelle’s wish of remaining a virgin until her wedding night. Isabelle knew she was lucky to have known Frank but his recent crave for sexual pleasure was becoming unbearable.

While she was still lost in this thought, Frank held his hands over her mouth and kissed her neck softly. He continued down till her bossoms. Isabelle stood frozen in shock like she had seen a ghost. Frank looked at her eyes, he believed that she was enjoying the moment and he continued the smooch.


A kiss to dried lips episode 2
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