Next morning*
Joanna rolled on her back to the other side of the bed and finally, opened her eyes, She looked around the room and shut them back immediately as she tried to figure out where she was. She tried to recall what happened the previous night but she couldn’t
“Good morning” A familiar voice rang in her ears. She stirred but didn’t open her eyes and when she finally did, her eyes widened as she saw Oscar Salvatore sitting beside her with a tray containing breakfast. She took one more look around the room and tried once again to recall how she got herself into Oscar’s house but once again, failed.
“Uhm… good…good morning” she stuttered
“How do you feel?” He asked with concern
“Am…am fine” she replied trying to avoid making eye contact with him.
“Any memory about what happened last night?”
She shook her head ” I don’t remember anything except walking into the club” she said rubbing her head with her hand.
Oscar smirked and placed the tray on her laps.
“Eat up ok, you should be more careful next time, you shouldn’t have gone to the club without your fiance and damn it! Any sex fiend would have taken advantage of you cause you were dead drunk” he said as he filled her cup with coffee
Ok, he noticed she was engaged, he looked angry though. Wait a sec, why did he care anyway?
Tears slid Joanna’s eyes as she recalled what Thomas had said to her last night.
“Am sorry if I said something that hurt you” He apologized
“No, it’s…it’s nothing at all just that I wouldn’t have taken such risk if my fiance didn’t break up with me just two weeks to our wedding” she explained as she wiped the tears that fell from her eyes
Oscar’s eyes widened
“He left you?”
“Yeah… It’s over now” she said
He breathed out
Was that relieve she saw on his face?
“We’ll eat up – the coffee will help calm the hangovers” he said
“Thank you” she said taking a quick sip of her coffee
” Nah…it’s nothing at all” he replied as he watched her eat
“Are you gonna keep watching me eat? Aren’t you gonna grab something?” She asked
” I already had coffee” he replied
A baby for a match by Obiesie Arielle Lucy (Alucia Keira)
As he watched her eat, he recalled how suprisedly he was when he discovered the woman in the black satin dress was Joanna, how funny it was – he. Was trying to get rid of his thoughts about her and BOOM!!! She appeared again and to think that dude was trying to mess with her, angered him and he had put him in his place.
He had brought her to his house since he didn’t know where she lives and after placing her in bed, had the urge to stay back and watch over her and he did. He smiled as he recalled how she mumbled his name in her sleep.
“Thanks alot”
“For what actually?”
“For breakfast and for last night even though I can’t remember what happened” she said
“Don’t tell me you have such a hazy memory” he said
She rolled her eyes
“I was just kidding… You’re once again welcome” he said smiling
She saw her purse on the stool beside her and reached out to get it. When she brought out her phone, she gasped, thirty missed calls from Ma’am Madina and Liana they’d have been worried to death about her.
“I’ll..I’ll like to take my leave now” she said as she hastily put on her shoes
“I’ll drive you home” he offered
“Ok” she’d have objected but knowing that he wouldn’t be satisfied till his request was granted and she wasn’t in the mood for arguments, she agreed.
A baby for a match by Obiesie Arielle Lucy (Alucia Keira)
The drive was filled with different conversations about their childhood experinces with Joanna giving him directions to her house. By the time they got to her house, she felt better.
“Thanks for everything, for last night, for breakfast, for …”
“You’ve said that countless times this morning… It’s nothing actually” he said cutting her short.
“Do get some rest ok?” He added
She nodded in response
“Bye” she said
“Yeah…bye, take care” he said as he stared continuously into her eyes
She stood there for some time like she was glued to the ground.
He finally turned on his car and drove off. She breathed out and turned to leave only to see.Liana standing behind her with eyes and mouth widened
” Is that a fly I see in your mouth” Joanna said and Liana shut her mouth and smiled
“Please tell me he was the reason you didn’t come home last night”Liana said excitedly
“Look Lian, I was with Oscar but trust me it’s nothing close to what you think” she replied
“You slept at his place right?” Liana asked
“OMG! I shouldn’t be hearing this alone, Mom” she cut her short as she ran inside the house calling out for Ma’am Madina excitedly
“No…Lian…it’s not what you think” Joanna said as she ran after her, Liana was already explaining excitedly how Oscar dropped Joanna off like she knew exactly what happened
Joanna stood still waiting for what would come next.
“You slept at another man’s house?” Ma’am Madina queried
“Look, mom it’s not what you think…I slept at his place but…”
“Joan, your wedding is in two weeks! How could you do such a thing huh? How do you think Thomas would feel once he hears about this?”
At the mention of Thomas,tears filled her eyes
“Well, I wouldn’t have spent a night at Oscar’s place if Thomas didn’t dump me, I wouldn’t have visited the club and goen myself drunk if the jerk hadn’t told me it was over” she said letting the tears fall freely
“What!?” Ma’am Madina and Liana exclaimed in unison
“Thomas dumped you?” Liana asked
Joanna nodded in response
“Am so sorry sweetheart – am really sorry” Ma’am Madina said as she pulled her into an embrace
“It’s ok, the shit is all over now” she said pulling out if the hug, she walked inside.
Oscar sighed as he entered the house. He felt total loneliness since he dropped Joanna off at her House. He couldn’t tell why he felt relieved when she said her fiance dumped her. He smiled as he remembered the few chats they had earlier. “Joanna” he breathed out as he walked into the bathroom


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