Joanna stepped into the Chinese and no doubt, drew attention to herself. She looked gorgeous in her black satin dress. She stood and scanned the room filled with different people chattering over dinner until she caught sight of Thomas and walked elegantly towards him smiling
“Hello Jo, glad you made it” Thomas greeted
“How are you” Joanna asked pecking him
“I’m good and you” he replied
“I’m great, you sound troubled over the phone, is there a problem? ” Joanna asked taking the seat beside him
“Uhm…ah…well, why don’t we talk about it after dinner”
She breathed out and looked around, she hated the music emitteing from the speakers – it sounded more like a lullaby. Her mind drifted back to then – whatever they needed to resolve had to be taken care of now because their wedding was in two weeks!
“Well, I think I’ll like to hear whatever you have to say before we have our dinner” She finally said after few minutes of silence.
“Well, if you insist” Thomas said and she nodded
“Well…uhm…you see Jo, you are a very good woman, you’re beautiful, you’re caring, living and all a man would want in a woman”
He paused. She blushed at his flattery words
“You are the kind of woman any man would kill foeand …er… Am pretty sure the guy that’d have you will never regret it” he continued.
Her countenance changed
“Wait a sec, did he just say the guy that’d have her? What the fuck was he driving at?” She thought
“Am sorry, we have to end it like this Jo, but I…i…I don’t think this marriage of a thing will work between us” he said
Joanna’s eyes widdened, she shook herself mentally and suddenly, burst into laughter
“Ok, congratulations, you got me, that wasn’t you right?” She asked
“I’m damn serious” Thomas said on a Stern voice
Of course he was serious, she didn’t need a soothsayer to tell her that.
“Was it…was it something I did?” She asked almost in tears
“Not at all, this has absolutely nothing to do with you”
“Then what? We can make this work between us Tom, our wedding is in two weeks, we can do this trust me, we’ve come this far already” she said wiping off the tears that fell freely from.her eyes
“I’m sorry but I…I don’t love you enough to…to marry you” Thomas finally said and Joanna looked up at him and shook her head. This was way too much for her to bear. She flowly stood up and removed the silver-colored ring out of her finger, opening his palm, she placed the ring on it.
As she turned to leave, Thomas placed his hand on hers
“Am sorry Jo, I didn’t mean to hurt you”
“You already did” she said as she freed her hand from his and left to avoid attracting unnecessary attention by bursting into tears.
S wrapped her arms around herself clenching her purse as she walked down the road. The cold breeze pierced through her skin making her shiver yet she didn’t bother.
Many thoughts flew in as heavy tears poured down her eyes.
“Is this my punishment for making out with another man?” She asked herself as she began to recall her previous relationships they’d ended. None of them lasted for so long. It was either a one-sided love, or one based on sexual attractions which of course ended as soon as it started because she wouldn’t bulge. She was the “till-wedding-night” kinda woman, her relationship with Thomas had lasted for two years and then, he proposed to her only to end it all two weeks to their wedding!.
She decided her next stop was the club. Elena would have been the only person she’d love to talk to, but then, she wouldn’t want to disrupt a romantic honeymoon.
“A few shots of vodka would do” she said and took a cab to the club
As she got into the club, she pushed her way through and went directly to the bartender and requested a few shots of vodka.
After a few shots, she became dead- drunk – talking, laughing and crying all. By herself with the hits of loud music reverberating in her ears. She recalled Thomas’ words to her
“I’m sorry I …I don’t love you enough to marry you”
(End of flashback)
“The bastard” she insulted as she ordered yet again another glass of vodka”
A baby for a match by Obiesie Arielle Lucy (Alucia Keira)
Oscar took one more look at his wrist watch, it was 8pm already. He shut down his laptop and headed for the bathroom, after a warm shower, he settled on a black long-sleeved shirt, blue faded jeans and a pair of sneakers
“Club wear” he thought and smiled to himself. He ran his fingers carelessly through his hair, making it fall freely on his face. He took his keys and headed out, Andrew- his chauffeur offered to drive him but he declined. All he wanted tonight was a free time – free from work, free from being the boss and if possible, free from thinking about Joanna. He got into the car and headed for the famous Fort Schuyler club house.
When he got there, he parked his car in an empty space in the parking lot and walked into the club.
As he stepped in, everyone felt his presence
“Oh my geez, look who’s here”
“Isn’t that Oscar Salvatore?” Oh my! He looks like a Greek God” The ladies admired. Everyone made way for him as he walked up to the bartender and ordered a few shots of tequila.
As he sipped from.his glass, he looked around and noticed the endless chattering of the ladies as they pointed towards him, some, making flirty gestures, he smirked and looked away. The sight of a woman sitting at the other end of the bar caught his attention; she wasn’t dancing, and didn’t seem to have a date but sat at the other end of the bar drinking, he soon noticed she was dead drunk. She look hot in her black satin dress bit something about her golden colored hair made her look familiar. “She looks very much like Joanna” he thought and chuckled. Joanna – ever since that single kiss they had, had always evaded his thoughts at any slightest opportunity. He was surprised at himself that he even saw her around every time.
Minutes later, the lady turned to take her leave but it seems she was way too drunk to carry herself, a dude was flirting around her trying to take advantage of her or something and this suprisedly,angered him.
Why was he angry anyway? Besides she was just a stranger
A baby for a match by Obiesie Arielle Lucy (Alucia Keira)
“Fuck off you asshole” Joanna said as she struggled to get on her feet but the guy standing in front of her, got her trapped. She needed to get away but her vision was blurrybut the dumbass in front of her still won’t let her go.
“Me? An asshole?” She heard him ask
“You’re so gonna get it from me” he said as he forced his lips on her with his hands playing it’s way under her gown. She struggled to free herself from his grip but it proved abortive; she was too weak to struggle with him, tears slid down her cheeks as she tried harder to take his hand off her gown, he was trying to make out with her right there.
It happened so fast and BOOM!!! Her attacker was on the floor struggling to get up as his nose bled. She looked up to see who her savior was but her vision was too blurry to pick out the face. He was so tall and his face had this perfect glow that kept her smiling, he kinda look familiar.
She smiled as his sting hands reached out and carried her in a bridal style, the strong smell of cologne filled her nostrils. She placed her hand on his chest and soon after, everything blacked out.


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