Cars, mansions, jets,wineries , -name the the Salvatores had it all. Money had never been their problem. They had all the wealth one could think of. They had worked really hard to become successful and of course their

hardwork paid off because talking about wealth, the Salvatores had it in excess. The only thing the Salvatore brothers lacked was love . Their mother had walked out when Oscar was 14 and his
brother -Carl 12. Their father had sent them to a boarding school and never bothered visiting them. They came back on holidays to meet their father who always spends his time with his whores, leaving them to fend
for themselves. This however, formed an unbreakable bond between the two of them. This was what went through Oscar’s mind as he stood beside his brother who was smiling radiantly as he watched
his bride walk down the aisle. Seeing Carl happy, made him happy. Although Oscar was 35,he was yet unmarried. He had series of no-strings-attached relationships but he hadn’t
taken it further. His longest relationship was one with the famous lingerie model – Lesil Lafoy and everyone seems to look up for a wedding between both of them, but to Oscar, it was nothing close to that. Carl finally held his bride and the faced the officiating minister to take their marital vows. Oscar walked to the
front row and found a seat beside the maid of honour. Facing the couple, he admired them as they took the i-do vows and wondered if he would ever become a woman’s groom , wearing a tuxedo saying the yes-i-do shit. After the ceremony at the church , a reception was held at one of their famous hotel. Friends, colleagues, families
and alot of dignitaries were transported by a caravan of black limosine s. On getting to the reception ground, Oscar was welcomed by a crowd of paparazzi “Mr Salvatore what is your wish for the newly weds”
“Mr Salvatore when are we expecting an occasion like this from u”
“Mr Salvatore will the famous model be your date for tonight? ”
“Mr Salvatore -Mr Salvatore -Mr Salvatore “filled the air but Oscar ignored them all as he walked into the hall. He had ensured that the security was strong since he couldn’t risk his brother’s happiest day becoming a disaster. ***************************************** Joanna looked stunning in her red cheonsang dress and high heeled shoes. She smiled at Elena. She had been her
best since high school.She had been since high school and when Joanna lost her mother while in college , Elena became her only companion whenever Ma’am Madina and Liana (her nanny and her nanny’s daughter). Since ma’am Madina owned am event planning shop. Elena had begged her to be her maid of honour and of course -she agreed. She looked around the hall and saw the
dignitaries and paparazzi everywhere. “Damn- Elena just got married to money ” she thought
She wished Thomas-her fiance had such money. But she loved him for who he was. It was time for everyone to dance. Oscar danced with Elena and Carl with Joanna. Turning around to take her next dance, she came in contact with Oscar. “May I ” he offered stretching out his hand
“Sure” she replied and placed her hands on his and they started in a slow rhythmic movement. “You look beautiful” he complimented
She blushed
“Thanks” she replied trying hard not to look at his fascinating blue colored eyes
“Oscar Salvatore ” he introduced
“I know-i mean who doesn’t know the Salvatore brothers” He chuckled
“Well -I’m Joanna Mendes”she introduced
“Nice name- cara”
“Thanks” she replied

She looked around them and found out they we’re violating the protocol by dancing a second time with each other
but it seems Oscar Salvatore didn’t mind breaking protocols!
“Are u related to Elena? ” he asked
“Kind of- she’s my best friend and Mr Salvatore is my boss”
“Oh- I didn’t meet u the last Time I visited here”he said
“I was employed recently”
“Oh- ok” Finally the dance session was over
He took her hand as he led her to a table, and immediately, his eyes caught the shiny silver colored ring o? her
“Damn – she’s taken”he thought
“Why are u bothered man? ” his sub-conscience told him
As they sat down, the talked about different things. She told him a few things about Utica like places he’d love to visit, dishes he’d never love to miss and the rest and he told her also about New York. Soon after, dinner was served, while Oscar had the pressed duck, Joanna preferred chicken with lemon sauce. Oscar watched as Joanna chewed languidly. He couldn’t tell why he was attracted to her. The meal was pleasant. The crowd cheered the newly weds as they fed each other and yet again, hit the dance floor. Just when Oscar was about asking for another dance, Joanna’s phone rang -it was Liana. “Sorry, if you don’t mind I’d like to take this call” she said and walked out of the ballroom. Oscar waited a few minutes Ann when Joanna didn’t return , he went in search of her. He met her at the hallway
“Ok, I’ll meet you at the hospital and please stop crying -mum’s gonna be fine OK? “He heard her say. After a few mote chats, the line went off. She wiped her tears,. She couldn’t afford to lose Ma’am Madina too. She turned back to go in and take her purse when she saw Oscar
“Are you OK? ” he asked wish concern
“Yes- i’m – I’m fine”she stuttered. She couldn’t tell why she felt so tensed around him
“I don’t think so” he said
“I’m fine- I’d like to leave now”
“I listened to your conversation over the phone and I can tell you aren’t OK” Why was he following her? Or better still caring about her?
“Oh- well my mum is ill so, i need to get to the hospital ”
“I’d drop you off at the hospital ” he said
“never mind I’ll just take a cab”
“I insist” he said
She bit her bottom lip. Damn! He didn’t want her doing that. “Ok- I’ll just go in and get my purse”she said and hurriedly left to get it. Few minutes later, she ducked into the back sit with Oscar and as soon as the car started, she was lost in her thoughts. She recalled how she had lost her mother
to cancer while she was still at high school and how Ma’am Madina had been there for her. Tears slid down her
eyes as she prayed silently for her (Ma’am Madina) to get well. She couldn’t afford to lose the only person that has
been a mother to her ever since her biological mother died. “God save her please ” she prayed silently
“Are you OK? “Oscar asked jerking her out if her thoughts
“Yea.. I’m… I’m… Ok”she stuttered and faked a smile
“You’re crying”he said as he used his thumb to wipe off the tears in her eyes. “I’m afraid of losing her… She’s been a mother
to me ever since I lost my mum, I can’t afford to lose her” she said wondering within herself why she felt so
relaxed with Oscar. He took her face into his palm
“It’s OK… She’ll be fine… Don’t cry… She’s gonna be OK” he assured wiping off the tears one more time. He looked
at her face. Her eyes bit redeemed sent messages of fear – fear of losing a loved one. Her now dry-red lips looked

tempting against the snowy parlor of skin. As he used his thumb to trace her lips, she frozed. Soon after, he
replaced his thumb with his lips . His lips crashed herewith his tongue invading the sweetness of her mouth
responding purely out of physical and probably emotional need. They were so lost in their embrace when the chauffeur announced their arrival at the hospital
, they separated startled. “I’m sorry I shouldn’t have done that” he whispered, not trusting herself with her own words, she nodded
“Thanks” she said finally and reached out for the door , opening it, she stepped out. “Joanna” he called out. She turned
He wanted to ask of her contact but decided to get it from his brother or Elena or maybe, some other time
“Thanks for tonight and please don’t cry your eyeballs out”. He said
She nodded and finally, walked into the hospital.



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